Activists unfurled a gigantic trans flag on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

Local activists joined forces with the National Center for Transgender Equality to pull off an amazing display of defiance. They unfurled a 150-foot trans flag on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to protest the Trump administration’s attacks on transgender people.

“We , and we won’t be forgotten, and we won’t be ignored,” NCTE tweeted along with photos of the activists spreading out the flag. “Today, we worked with local advocates and community members to unfurl a 150-foot trans flag on some of our nation’s most visible real estate: the Lincoln Memorial.”

Protests against Trump’s attempt to redefine the word “gender” to write transgender people out of civil rights laws have become increasingly common, although most aren’t this dramatic.

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A protester with a trans flag interrupted a speech by Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this week and activists unfurled a trans flag during the final game of the World Series.

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