Here are the sneaky ways gay men let a woman know they aren’t hitting on her

TikTok user @oop.jake has kicked off a hilarious trend on the social media site by sharing his subtle way of letting a woman know that he isn’t straight. How do you let her know you aren’t hitting on her?

Jake says he will compliment her “top,” because a straight man wouldn’t use the term. A straight man would call it a “shirt.”

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He asked other gay guys to duet with his video and tell him the ways that they casually inform a woman that they’re in a safe zone or not interested in more than friendship.

For @jjjavian there’s no need to use words. Crossing his legs and applying chapstick will do the trick every time.

@daveykins94 is a little more direct. “Oh, by the way, I’m not hitting on you. I’m gay.”

But @seananthonyv drops a huge hint. He asks if she has a boyfriend – and if he’s cute along with a little more personal information that definitely sends a clue.


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