Ho-ho-hohum or big deal? BBC includes same-sex kiss in its Christmas commercial

Truth be told, it doesn’t come with the same excitement American boys experience when they hear the “The New Hess Truck’s Here!” jingle. But across the pond, Twitter users are gobsmacked about the annual Christmas “advert” by BBC One, the main, royal government-chartered television channel across England, which features two men kissing.


The British Broadcasting Corporation calls the commercial its “festive film,” and it shows Britons of all nationalities enjoying the holidays as well as, of course, “the telly.” And more than a few tweets showed viewers think the ad is the bee’s kneees.

And more than a few tweets tagged the arch-conservative, antigay Fleet Street tabloid rag, The Daily Mail.

And if Towleroad is to believed, the Beeb hasn’t received one complaint. Nice one.

Watch for yourself below, and tell us in the comments if you think it’s ace, or “ho-ho-hohum.”

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