Let these LGBTQ family portraits melt your heart this holiday season

Aren't Liley and her two moms adorable?

Aren’t Liley and her two moms adorable?Photo: Instagram/lileys2mums_shorty

For many, the holidays are a time spent with family — and that’s true no matter the family, as same-sex couples have taken to social media to share their favorite holiday portraits with their loved ones.

The matching jammies set off this shot with Santa taken in Atlanta, Georgia. Looking great, fellas!

These two dads got a very special present this Christmas, by finalizing the adoption of their child, Sydney. Their daughter might be tuckered out, but the dads’ smiles show nothing but pride.

I hope that sleigh has seatbelts, as this bunch went dashing through the snow with Santa for their holiday portrait.

The sleigh in the above photo could have used a bit more horsepower — and this Santa has just the ticket, posing with another lovely couple — Maura and Nikki — and their child, Maura, this holiday.

What better time than the holidays to break out matching onesies — and I’m sure their daughter, Ruby, feels right at home in their own one-piece!

These two moms, Pamela and Serina,  are ready for the holidays in their matching Santa hats, while their son Tristan sports reindeer anglers and a broad grin. May you find nothing but the best under your tree!

Baby Harrison may not be too thrilled, but it looks like the rest of the family had fun with Santa Claus at Disneyland this year.

This couple brought their four boys to a “Sensitive Santa” event, catering to autistic kids this holiday,

It’s all about the bow ties in this shot, as not even two adorable schnauzers can take the focus off these three dashing gents this holiday season.

Here’s a foursome who knows their way around the sweater racks! That gingerbread one in particular is eye catching: just don’t let Tucker Carlson or Tammy Bruce see it!

It’s far too warm in Australia for too much fur, so these dads spent their time with Santa in their shorts.

No snow in sight at this lovely outing to the park for these two dads and their son for their Christmas portrait. Bonus points for the plaid.

Here’s to the happiest of holidays to you and your family this holiday season!

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