NOM’s deliberate manipulation of black, gay communities is nauseating

NOM’s deliberate manipulation of black, gay communities is nauseating

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The blockbuster news which came out last night that the National Organization for Marriage was deliberately driving a wedge between the black and gay communities to stop marriage equality continues to disturb the hell out of me.

Brian Brown

So many things bother me about it. It’s not only the fact that NOM specifically said it wanted drive a wedge between the black and gay communities. It’s also the fact that NOM was recruiting African-American leaders to speak out against marriage equality for the purpose of getting the gay community provoked.

So in essence, NOM didn’t want these black leaders for their skill or intelligence. NOM was and is using black leaders as sacrifices or tokens in its war against marriage equality.

It makes one realize why NOM didn’t comment on Patrick Wooden’s rambling lies on gay men, anal sex, surgery, and cell phones. NOM was probably thrilled over Wooden’s words. It wouldn’t have mattered to the organization that Wooden was lying, that he was demeaning gays, that his comments were creating divisions which would make it so difficult for young LGBTQs of color to come out and build self esteem.

Wooden’s comments is probably what NOM wanted because they drove a wedge.

In addition, all of those other awful speeches and statements by pastors and black leaders pushed forth by NOM now take a more nauseating semblance. None of what they were doing had anything to preserving the black community or helping the black community.

It was just a game. A nasty, hate-filled game. The only thing that could possibly be worse about this situation is if the exchanging of money between NOM and these black leaders was involved.

That question needs to be asked and the black community needs to demand answers.

Neither the black community or the gay community are to blame for this so neither group should point the finger at each other.

This sort of vile divide and conquer strategy is nothing new. History is filled with instances of communities, particularly communities seeking equality, being pitted against one another by a third group with ulterior motives.

We just got lucky this time. It just so happens that the third group in question was dumb enough to put its evil in writing.

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