PHOTOS: 20 adorable queer couples celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has arrived, and while those of us in couples fret over what to buy our baes, and those of us who are single contemplate how to celebrate “Singles Awareness Day” (and we’ve all been there), we should all keep in mind how far the queer community has come in proving love is love.

Like these folks. These adorable couples have decided to show off their affections in honor of the Hallmark holiday via Instagram. Normally that kind of romantic exhibitionism can invite an eye roll or ten, but today, take satisfaction in knowing that, in light of the current political climate, love stands firm and will not hide. Now, if everyone would just get off their ass and vote as if their love depended on it…

1. Bicycle Built For Two

Call it incentive to work out.

2. Mixing it Up

This couple is super cute even if the background isn’t.

3. Bearly Together

Yes, bears do love their honey.

4. Getting Artsy

He better appreciate those wings now. They won’t last forever.

6. Mousey

Minnie would approve.

7. Clean Limerick

Way to win our hearts.

8. Amen

Love knows no borders.

9. Plant One

You can see it in their eyes.

10. Snuggles

One should always appreciate a good snuggler.

11. Crushing It

I think we can agree that they’re both handsome.

12. Family Values

Too sweet for snark.

13.  Gay Minds Think Alike

You sure you didn’t plan that, boys?

14. Tingly

Wonder what they’re doing later…

15. Glad They Finally Got Together

We knew about you two for years.

16. Love of the Irish

They put the “gay” in Gaelic. (Say it aloud)

17. Dream Girl

Cue “Dream Weaver.”

18. Snowflakes

This one is beyond beautiful on several levels.

19. Castro Couple

Where better to celebrate gayness and Valentine’s Day than the Castro?

20. Roman Style

Isn’t it ROMANtic?

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