The preview for the Murphy Brown reboot is here & fans are going nuts over a small detail

Candace Bergen as Murphy Brown

Candace Bergen as Murphy BrownPhoto: Screenshot

Reboots of 80s and 90s television shows are all the rage currently and “Murphy Brown” is the latest to make a return to the small screen. A preview for the show has been released and fans quickly flooded the web with praise and anticipation.

In the original, Candice Bergen’s titular character worked at a primetime news magazine, but this time she’s the host of “Mornings with Murphy.” Her main competitor is her son, who hosts a conservative show on a different network. Executives have said it’s a parallel to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” ratings battle with Fox’s “Fox & Friends.”

Social media was quickly flooded with praise for the reboot from excited fans. Many of them noted the irony of the liberal Murphy’s previous mention of her disgust for Donald Trump.


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