Transgender people are winning the viral ’10 Year Challenge’

Two pictures of a trans woman

Photo: Instagram/@lariss4olinda

A photo challenge is blowing up social media, and transgender people have posted some amazing pictures for it.

The 10-Year Challenge – or the “Glo Up Challenge” or the “2009 vs. 2019 Challenge” – is an internet fad in which social media users post two pictures of themselves: one from 2009 and one from 2019.

It’s a chance for people to show off how much they’ve aged or changed… and for younger people to show how puberty changed them.

While some trans people posted that they were uncomfortable sharing photos from before their transition, plenty jumped in with gusto.

A lot of the pictures are being posted with the tag #HowHardDidPubertyHitYou, and one trans man responded, “It hit me twice but the first time was wack.”

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Another joked that after two puberties, “It’s basically cheating.”

Caitlyn Jenner jumped into the challenge too.

And for some transgender people, it was a chance to show off what living authentically has done for them.

And one person reminded everyone that while some people have had radical changes in appearance, many people have not and that’s perfectly fine.

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