Watch: Debunking the claim that Hillary Clinton is bad for LGBT people

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Photo: YouTube, Matt Baume

What will President Hillary Clinton do to improve the lives of queer people — or will she make them even worse?

Awhile back, I made a video about how Donald Trump is no friend to the gays. And ever since then I’ve been getting comments about how Hillary is an even bigger threat. So is she? I decided to clear things up with a video that tackles some of the main complaints about her.

Complaint #1: Hillary took too long to support marriage equality.

It’s true that she expressed opposition to the freedom to marry in 2004. But her votes tell a different story.

Complaint #2: Hillary takes money from countries that execute gays.

That’s not quite true. The money didn’t go to Hillary — in fact, it was used to help LGBT people around the world. And when she had a chance to stand up to those countries and insist on reforms, she did.

Complaint #3: Hillary privately still opposes marriage equality.

This one’s just a rumor that isn’t true, based on a misreading of hacked emails. Read them yourself and you’ll see — she’s on our side.

Complaint #4: Hillary would let dangerous anti-gay radicals into the country.

The real threat to LGBTs isn’t immigrants — many of whom are LGBT themselves. The real threat is from the people already here, the Republican party.

Complaint #5: There are more important issues than LGBT equality.

It would be nice if this was true, but LGBT issues still impact just about every issue you could possibly care about, from housing to employment to homelessness and the military.

Complaint #6: Hillary changes her position.

Yeah. That’s true. Hillary has changed her position over the last 40 years — which is another way of saying she’s improved her position.

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