Watch: The Supreme Fabulettes’ holiday breakup song ‘You Ruined My Xmas’

‘Tis the season for catty carols, and The Supreme Fabulettes have that sentiment covered with “You Ruined my Xmas,” a ballad of heartbreak written by Boy George.

“You ruined my Christmas, you made it a drag,” the ladies sing. “Wherever you are boy, I hope you’re feeling sad.”

But this holiday season, the breakup song may also resonate with those who feel Donald Trump’s election has cast a shadow over their Christmas spirit.

Proof the song speaks to more than just romantic loss.
Proof the song speaks to more than just romantic loss. Via Facebook

The British drag troupe includes Miss Vicki Vivacious, Miss Portia De Fosse, Miss Silver Summers and Miss Vanilla Lush and is directed and styled by William Baker, creative director for Kylie Minogue.

These star-powered queens from across the pond also star in the cult TV series Drag Queens of London. Their follow up to the holiday track, “A Drag Queen is a Cowboy’s Best Friend,” was also written and directed by Boy George.

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