White House includes gay couple kissing in moving video about the pandemic

two guys kissing

Scene from the White House videoPhoto: Instagram/Joe Biden

Joe Biden posted an uplifting video to Instagram celebrating the country’s resilience in the face of the pandemic, and it included a kiss between two men.

The video shows people wearing masks, socially isolating, and taking steps to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

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“This country has been through so much,” Biden says in the video. “The light at the end of this tunnel is sunshine.”

“We will emerge stronger,” says the video’s caption.

The images in the video also show people helping each other out, spending time with their families, and celebrating love. Some are hugging, having weddings, and attending public events to remind people why the country is being asked to take these measures.

And one of those scenes is a young gay couple kissing at what appears to be a concert, and people noticed.

“Seeing the two men kiss in the beginning got me EMOTIONAL,” said one commenter on the video.

“It is honestly so profoundly meaningful to see The President of the United States post a video that contains 2 men kissing,” wrote another.

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